L3C Webinar: Process for Planning and Designing Sustainable Streets

by Sujata Hingorani, Steven Burgess, Byron Stigge, Michael King

For aeons, streets and roads were seen as passive pieces of pavement.  Sustainable or not - they just were.  Then we realized that impervious pavement meant to facilitate smooth travel also produced water runoff which flooded adjacent fields and basements.  Highways meant to connect town to town also bisected wildlife migration patterns.  Black asphalt meant to be inexpensive and long lasting also raised surrounding temperatures (heat island effect).  Utility trenches meant to streamline services also restricted tree roots and subsequently shade. Thus making all the environmental enthusiasts wonder that perhaps, mere provisioning of infrastructure is not enough. There are various elements of the street that ought to come together to make any street a ‘sustainable street’. An amalgamation of natural and built fabric is required which not only incur benefits of movement but also, green environment.

Speakers in this webinar, all recognized experts, will stir the sustainable streets stew.  Byron Stigge will present global and Indian best practices in sustainable infrastructure writ large.  Sujata Hingorani will focus on implementing sustainable streets and networks in India.  Steven Burgess will tie sustainable streets to complete streets and long-lasting investment.

View the Webinar here: https://bit.ly/3eDJxvI 

View the Webinar Learnings here: https://bit.ly/33xw0Da