L3C Workshop on 'training on street design implementation for contractors & engineers'

by Pranjali Deshpande, Swapnil Saxena

National Institute of Urban Affairs through the CITIIS Program Management Unit (PMU) hosted a national level knowledge sharing workshop on 'Training on Street Design Implementation for Contractors & Engineers', on 04th August, 2021. The workshop was organised by the 'Child Friendly City' project under CITIIS under Dehradun Smart City Limited (DSCL) as a part of the capacity development initiatives as well as technical assistance by PMU. The opening remarks were shared by Dr. Ashish Srivastava, CEO, DSCL. Speakers included Ms. Pranjali Deshpande, Mr. Dinkar Gojare, Mr. Prasanna Desai, and Mr. Vikas Thakar, and were introduced by Ms. Swapnil Saxena, Knowledge Officer, PMU-CITIIS. The session was moderated by Ms. Neha Dobhal, E&S Officer-DSCL. The concluding remarks were shared by Mr. Michael King, International Expert-CITIIS.

Highlights of the session:

  • Ms. Pranjali Deshpande, Domestic Expert-CITIIS, who initiated the discussion highlighting 'Street Design Basics' with various challenges and soultions related to street designs in mid-size cities.
  • Mr. Dinkar Gojare, Executive Engineer-Pune Municipal Corporation, shared his experiences on implementation challenges and mitigation measures, which included do's and dont's for engineers, learnings from Pune Municipal Corporation's vast experience in footpath implementation, multi-agency coordination & co-orporation, an SPV's role in this coordination & co-operation such as electric DP boxes, encroachment removal etc.
  • Mr. Prasanna Desai, International Expert-CITIIS, elaborated the role of an urban designer, showing examples from various cities and highlighting the participatory approach, design modifications to suit the ground situation, challenges during implementation, post-implementation experience, convincing traffic police and other stakeholders.
  • Mr. Vikas Thakar, Managing Director-Pavetech Consultants, talked about emerging practices in street engineering such as bollards installation, shifting and laying services, stormwater management, tree pits detailing, precast Vs in-situ ramps and new practices, materials, maintenance etc.