Creating ‘Wild Valley Bio-Diversity Park’ as City Lungs by Rejuvenation of Existing Wasteland along the Creek

The city of Surat drains its storm water through Mithi, Kankara, Khajod, Koyali, Bhedwad, Sonari and Varachcha (creek) into the Mindhola river. Due to several reasons, these drains have deteriorated over time. They get submerged during the monsoons and there are growing incidents of crime, nuisance, and illegal activities in these areas. The Kankara Khaadi runs from across the National Highway towards the west of Surat on to south Surat.

The proposed project will be implemented on Khaadi land and also in the adjoining plots of the Town Planning Schemes. The aim is to rejuvenate the existing wasteland of Kankara Khaadi through a range of activities:

  • The first intervention in the Khaadi started with the National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) 2 where, retaining walls and embankments were constructed from rubble and RCC on both sides of the Khaadi.
  • The embankments were also made motorable for light vehicles.
  • One-way storm water flood gates were constructed.

Under this project a biodiversity park for preserving flora and fauna will be developed and the wasteland will be made accessible to the public by developing it into a usable public space. Through the CITIIS grant, the project intends to:

  • Mobilise the city ecosystem.
  • Facilitate partnerships between stakeholders and define common goals and road maps.
  • Rejuvenation of existing wasteland along the creek into a wild valley Bio-Diversity Park and creating large chunks of city greens.
  • Reducing foul smell from the creek, prevention of water pollution by phytoremediation, and improving air quality through plantation of natural species.
  • To increase overall green cover by providing non-conventional recreational spaces like children’s play area, senior citizens corner, parks with facilities for disabled people, etc.
  • To reduce impact of heavy rainfall by creating water retention ponds and creating spaces with favourable areas for birds and other species.



  • Social Sector Service Delivery: Good Practices Resource Book 2015

  • Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC)
Technical Assistance :

CITIIS Grant :
Rs. 80.00 crore

Project Cost :
Rs. 139.15 crore

Surat Smart City Development Ltd.

Stakeholders :
  • Citizens
  • Vendors

Categories :
  • Bio-Diversity
  • Public Spaces
  • Landscape

The innovative technique of 'Miyawakiu' will be used where, different species are planted together and close to one another mimicking an actual forest that enhances and accelerates plant growth.