Development of Sustainable and Green Public Transportation in Amritsar City

The existing bus network in Amritsar; BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System) and City Bus Network, have a limited coverage even though, they are the main modes of public transport. With a focus on solving this, the Municipal Corporation of Amritsar (MCA) undertook several initiatives over the last five years to improve transportation services in the city. This included:

  • A Comprehensive Mobility Plan in 2012
  • Construction of a 31 kilometre long BRTS corridor
  • Establishment of the Amritsar City Transport Services Ltd (ACTSL).

While these interventions have moderately improved commuter conditions, further steps are necessary for this system to function effectively. The proposed project aims to bridge this gap by targetting last mile connectivity through feeder buses. Additionally, it address the following concerns:

  • Absence of public transportation in extended areas of the city.
  • Lack of last mile connectivity and absence of an effective feeder network to the BRTS.
  • Low modal share (1.5 percent) of public transportation. Moderate to poor Air Quality Index (AQI) due to a rise in the number of private vehicles and diesel run auto- rickshaws.
  • The reluctance of citizens to switch from affordable modes like privately run auto rickshaws to higher priced modes of transportation like buses.

Through these interventions the project aims to:

  • Provide e-mobility experience to all residents and visitors in Amritsar.
  • Increase in modal share of public transport .
  • Reduce air pollution caused by diesel powered public transport and Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) services.
  • Provide a comprehensive system for charging infrastructure.
  • Provide an effective feeder network to the BRTS corridors.
  • Ensure eco-friendly and convenient mode of last mile connectivity.
  • Reduce operational expenditure of city bus service fleet by introduction of e-mini buses.



  • CIDCO Smart City Lab, NIUA

  • Ki Jung Kum, Myongji University, Korea
  • Hyun Jung Chung, Transportation Research Center INCITY Co., Ltd., Korea
Technical Assistance :

CITIIS Grant :
Rs. 80.00 crore

Project Cost :
Rs. 108.83 crore

Amritsar Smart City Limited (ASCL)

Stakeholders :
  • Transport Operators
  • Residents
  • Tourists
  • NGOs

Categories :
  • Public Transport

To make the transfer between different modes of transport seamless, a common smart card is envisioned under the project which, will eliminate the inconvenience of buying a ticket repeatedly.