National Urban Digital Mission- INTERNSHIP

Project Name: UPYOG - Urban Platform for deliverY of Online Governance under the National Urban Digital Mission

Project Description:

About the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA): 


Established in 1976, the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) is a premier institute of  Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, for research and capacity  building for urban sector in India. NIUA’s broad objective is to bridge the gap between  research and practice on issues related to urbanization. For more than 40 years now, NIUA  has been the vanguard for contributing to and building the urban narrative for a fast 

evolving urban India. The Institute has been actively working on bringing forth key areas of  concern for urban India in order to build the urban discourse at various urban scales. It has  utilized its competencies in research, knowledge management, policy advocacy and capacity  building to address urban challenges and continuously striving to develop sustainable,  inclusive and productive urban ecosystems in the country. It has emerged as a thought leader  and knowledge hub for urban development in India and is sought after by both Indian and  international organizations for collaborations and partnerships in India’s urban  transforming journey. NIUA is committed towards aligning its efforts towards achieving  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through all its initiatives and programmes.

About the Centre for Digital Governance (CDG): 

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has formulated the National Urban  Innovation Stack (NUIS) strategy and approach with the vision to unlock urban innovation  and promote collaboration across the entire urban ecosystem. The objective is to create an  open digital public good which can enable co-creation and collaboration across the  “quadruple helix” of government, industry, academia, and civil society and citizens’ groups  in urban India. 

With the goal to facilitate adoption and put technology as the core of operations for digital  transformation across the ecosystem, the need for an anchor was felt to tie the strengths of  all stakeholders together. Responding to this pressing necessity, Centre for Digital  Governance (CDG) was institutionalized under the ambit of National Institute of Urban  Affairs (NIUA). Envisioned to function as a trusted partner for distributed governance, CDG  envisages establishing five practice areas research and Advocacy, Digital Advisory,  Partnerships, Engagement Advisory and Digital Governance. The aspiration of CDG is to  allow digital forces to enable the ease with which citizens, industry, and government can  connect, collaborate, transact, and share information; state and city administrators can  increase productivity by automating routine tasks; and facilitate data-based decision making  to drive governance and policy making.  

The Urban Platform for deliverY of Online Governance (UPYOG), as one of the flagship  programs of the CDG, will identify or create a number of the building blocks and governance  mechanisms envisaged by NUIS.

Intenship Description:

Skills, Qualifications & Experience 

  • Qualification: BE/ Preferably Computer Science/IT. 
  • Experience on Microservices architecture 
  • Strong fundamentals of front-end technologies like in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap
  • Experience with frameworks like ReactJS/AngularJS/Ionic.
  • Exposure to Git/Open Forge 
  • Understanding of DevOps tools and CI/CD pipeline 
  • Understanding on Java, Bash, Shell, Spring boot and Node.js 
  • Understanding of Databases such as Postgres/ MySQL, etc
  • Understanding of various IDEs such as VS Code, Eclipse, etc.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work within project schedules and  deadlines 

No of Positions: 2

End Date: 4th Jul 2023