Md Asif Raza is a Research Associate at the National Institute of Urban Affairs. His interests are in the field of multicriteria urban analysis, urban development, climate change, urban data and urban systems and processes. He has over five years of experience in urban policy-focused research. At NIUA, he is involved in the “Capacity Building for Smart Data and Inclusive Cities” project. Asif is responsible for objective deep-diving in data-driven processes, strategic studies, needs assessments and Process tracing of project components. Asif develops and conducts specific training modules on data visualization and analytics. He enjoys exploring urban systems and understanding complex processes with their data perspective. Previously he was associated with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has also worked at Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy, CEPT University Ahmedabad. He has worked on the development of a graduated benchmarking model for energy consumptions in commercial buildings in India; Assessment of the city level energy projections and savings potential; Literature reviews for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change; and Multi-criteria scenario development for cities. He is always ready for complex discussions around data and urban phenomena. Asif has three conference papers and three numbers of technical reports to his credit. Md Asif Raza is an alumna of CEPT University Ahmedabad. He holds a Masters in Technology Degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

Area of Expertise