Sarath Babu M G

Lead, Climate Centre for Cities

Sarath Babu M G is an Urban Practitioner with over 12 years of experience in the Development Sector. His expertise encompasses action research, project management, and stakeholder engagement, with a strong focus on designing impactful data ecosystems, building techno-institutional capacities for Urban India, and implementing large-scale urban infrastructure projects. He has on-the-ground experience working with more than 23 Indian cities across different geographies. In his current role as a lead at the Climate Centre for Cities within the National Institute of Urban Affairs, Sarath focuses on designing decision-making tools for grounding climate actions, fostering participatory climate action, and providing technical expertise for developing tools for policy research and action plans. He leads the TCAP project, an action research initiative that attempts to ground Transformative Climate Action using participatory data-driven decision-making platforms for Indian Cities. Additionally, he manages the development of a Climate Action Plan for Pune city and the creation of a Collaborative Learning Platform for designing new course modules on GBI&NBS for Indian Universities. Sarath has prior experience working with IL&FS Environment, Grant Thornton, JNU, UDRI, NATPAC, and State Governments. He has several research publications at both international and national levels, three research reports, and two postgraduate research thesis to his credit. Sarath is an alumnus of the School of Planning & Architecture (SPA), New Delhi, and the University of Kerala. He holds two Master's degrees, a Master in Planning (Urban Planning), and a Master of Science in Geography.

Area of Expertise
Action Research
Project Management
Data Driven Governance
Climate Change Adaptation

Masters in Planning (Urban Planning) (School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi) --2013
Masters in Science (Geography) (University of Kerala) --2007