Devarupa Gupta

Research Associate

Devarupa holds a Ph. D. in Population Studies; specializing in Urban Studies from the International Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai. Her Ph.D. dissertation is titled as "Urban Space, Residential Segregation and Access to Amenities: A Study on Kolkata". She completed an M. Phil and M.P.S. from the same university and holds an M.Sc. in Geography from Presidency University, Kolkata. Her research interests include Urban issues in India, Migration Studies, the Aging Population, Women-Centric topics, Public Health, and Policy Research. Trained in secondary data analysis (quantitative and qualitative) techniques and worked with big datasets, she also has expertise in GIS map-making. She has prior experience in Primary Data Collection techniques. She has presented her research at different national and international conferences and published articles in scientific journals.

Area of Expertise
Urban Studies
Demography/Population Studies

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai) --2023