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Urban Youth Unit


DURATION: 7 years

STARTING FROM:  01-06-2023



PROJECT LEAD:  Lovlesh Sharma

Empowering the Youth Community By acknowledging and recognizing the potential skill and abilities of the youth, recognizing the youth as an asset for the society by enhancing their skills and knowledge. ● Accelerating Participation of Y outh Improving the involvement and participation of youth through dedicated activities and programs, such as Youth Action Plans, Youth Master Classes, etc., would enhance and elevate their skills and knowledge. ● Promoting Integrated - Dialogue Creation avenues for dialogue and discussion of youth with subject experts of the fields and youth. The specialized Mentor-Mentee Programs specifically designed to address the challenge for youth through communication and dialogues. ● Capacitating and Community Building Through specialized trainings, and insemination of information along with unique ideas. It will focus to promote the in-depth research-based solutions. ● Enhancing Collaborations By increasing partnerships with youth organizations, private and public stakeholders. This would aim to enhance the quality and quantity of the collaborators to strengthen the network. ● Strengthening Youth Advocacy Advocating for strong and secured youth leadership and integration into the process of decision-making to support urbanization.

Lovlesh Sharma Sr. Water & Infrastructure specialist

Himani Verma Manager, Global Outreach Unit

Kaustubh Parihar Project Associate (NG)

08 Aug 2023 08:30 am

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