Seeking feedback / comments for Draft Municipal Governance Standards  

The Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) has launched the National Urban Digital Mission (NUDM) in February 2021 which aims to build a shared digital infrastructure that aims to strengthen the capacity of the urban ecosystem to solve complex problems at scale and speed. Thus improve the ease of living for citizens through accessible, inclusive, efficient and citizen centric governance across India’s 4700+ towns and cities. The NUDM is anchored by the Centre for Digital Governance (CDG) at the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA). The NUDM inherits the guiding principles of the National Urban Innovation Stack (NUIS) - Strategy and Approach paper, released by MoHUA in 2019 as a vehicle to accelerate the ecosystem for urban transformation. 

One of the key deliverables under NUDM is the creation/ adoption of standards which will enable improved information consistency, analytics, secure data access & transfer, smarter business processes; while also enabling diverse stakeholders to collaborate and their corresponding platforms and processes to interoperate seamlessly. The following standards (in various stages of development/ adoption) are applicable for NUDM:

  1. Municipal Governance Reference Architecture as a reference blueprint for platforms
  2. Domain Knowledge Standards with key data elements and their standardized data interpretation
  3. API definitions for standardized integration with the National Dashboard
  4. Security Assurance Standards for enabling data privacy controls
  5. National meta-data standards for data quality enablement for state & national dashboards

Out of these, the Municipal Governance Reference Architecture, Security Assurance standards and Property Tax Knowledge Standard have already been published and are available for download. National Metadata Standard has been published by the GoI. 

Additional 04 (four) standards are being targeted for release by NIUA. For this purpose, NIUA invites comments and feedback on the drafts from the IT and domain experts as your expertise and knowledge will help us to deliver balanced, neutral, collaborative and consensus-driven standards.

Read the drafts here


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