Youth Unit
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About Us

The Urban Youth Unit acts as a bridge between the youth and the process of Urban development which aims to encourage, enlighten and empower the youth.

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Our Initiatives

The Youth Unit would accelerate the creation of opportunities for young people from across different disciplines to come together for networking, education, knowledge sharing and to exchange ideas, tools and learnings.

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Voice of Youth

As a larger perspective unit would also involve multifaceted – youth engagement, and help in ensuring the efficient generation and exchange of information to co-create an innovative ecosystem to come up with proactive and unique solutions to the urban issues.

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We are committed to providing a secure and welcoming environment in which individuals and organizations can connect with us, share resources, and work towards shared objectives. Join us and discover a universe of opportunities as you connect, collaborate, and make an impact!

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Youth Library

Youth Library is an exciting place for young readers and learners like you. We aim to create an inclusive area for young minds to explore, learn, and grow via books.

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