The ClimateSmart Cities – Self Assessment Tool (CSC–SA Tool)

The ClimateSmart Cities – Self Assessment Tool (CSC–SA Tool) is an Excel-based emission assessment tool based on the ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework. It provides cities with quantifiable, emission-based evidence to prioritize climate actions. The tool uses activity data already being collated in the framework to calculate greenhouse gas emissions for actions mentioned under the indicators across the five sectors.

The tool follows the 'Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories' (GPC) to calculate indicator-wise GHG emissions and mitigation potential. To contextualize and simplify calculations, the tool uses India-specific studies, reports and documents for non-revenue water, low carbon shared vehicles & proportion of green cover indicators. Wherever possible, the tool uses India-specific emission factors, otherwise it uses global default factors to estimate emissions.

The tool does not provide a real-time city-level inventory but only an estimation of emissions and emission reduction potential quantified in terms of GHG emissions. The emission reduction "potential" numbers are calculated using assessment data for 11 indicators under the assessment framework. For more accurate estimations, the tool requires the city to collect additional parameters.