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Budget : 18,00,000
Innovation Type (Process/ Product): Product

About the Project:

The fecal sludge containment and treatment practices are unscientific and inefficient leading to a large portion being untreated. In addition to the contamination, this also causes water borne diseases. Ekam’s fecal sludge treating bacterial cultures can be used in household septic tanks and community-level sewage treatment plants which significantly reduces both the a) quantity of accumulated fecal sludge by 50% as well as b) BOD/ COD levels by up to 60%.. The project has been successfully piloted by Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple. The major problem was that overflow of septic tank was contaminating the river and the ground water. The bacterial culture treats the waste in 3-4 days and converts it into fertile water clear of pathogen and bacteria. With this method it helps in keeping Sump Tanks, Septic Systems and Sewage Pits trouble free.

Sector : Sanitation

Pilot City : Parassinikadavu, Kerala

Ownership : Ekam Eco Solutions Private Limited

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