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The Purpose

The core objective of RCA is to provide the member cities with a platform to discuss and exchange information on aspects that are vital for sustainable management of urban rivers.

The supplementary objective of RCA is for NMCG, NIUA and partners to provide dedicated technical and handholding support to the member cities as they implement interventions for river-sensitive development.

The Inspiration

The ambitious call for river-sensitive development, was recognized by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India.
In the 1st meeting of the National Ganga Council in December 2019, he stated that,

There is need for a new river centric thinking in planning for cities on the banks of rivers. Cities should be responsible for rejuvenating their rivers. It has to be done not just with the regulatory mindset but also with developmental and facilitatory outlook.

– Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

Operating Modality

RCA has been envisaged as a city-led movement for promulgating river-sensitive planning and development. Hence, the agenda and operations for RCA will be determined by the member cities.

However, to allow member cities enough time to set up their own structure for managing the Alliance, a Secretariat will be established at NIUA in collaboration with NMCG to take on this responsibility initially for a period of 3 years.



Latest Updates


Our Activities

  • Organise an annual river summit
  • Facilitate exchange of official visits for member cities
  • Publish a bi-monthly newsletter
Capacity Building
  • Organise certification training programmes for officials of member cities
  • Annual calendar of events based on members needs
  • Organise webinars and expert talks
Technical Support
  • River-sensitive urban planning and interventions
  • Innovations in urban river management
  • River linked economy
  • Rejuvenation of urban water bodies

A Platform for River Cities in India to Ideate, Discuss, and Exchange Information for Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers

RCA Newsletter

A bi-monthly newsletter is published under the RCA,
to document relevant development in the member cities and emerging practices from across the globe.

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