About SAAR

Smart cities and Academia towards Action and Research - SAAR

As more and more Urban Infrastructure projects get completed under the Smart City Mission, it is important that we learn from them. We are documenting the impact of these projects on the lives of the people. For this purpose, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) and the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) is engaging with the premier academic institutes of the country.

SAAR is a joint initiative of MoHUA, NIUA and academic institutes to to give students a platform to engage in the Here and Now of the urban domain. The programme will facilitate greater engagement between academic institutes and urban flagship missions. The key purpose of SAAR is to maximize learning for students, institutes and cities.

The first programme evisaged under SAAR is a one of a kind opportunity for students to contribute in the creation of a compendium of 75 urban infrastructure projects in India under the smart city mission.

Cycle 1: A compendium of 75 urban infrastructure projects in India

  • The compendium will contain case studies of 75 urban infrastructure projects.

  • This will provide students, scholars and researchers a platform to learn, build connections, acquire skills and gain recognition while part of a national mission.

  • The case studies will be a realistic assessment of the projects with feedback from all stakeholders.

  • It will have recommendations on how these projects can be more effective