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Climate Mitra (मित्र)

Climate Centre for Cities is developing Climate Practitioners India Network to support cities in grounding climate actions.

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ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF) 2.0 had participation from 126 Cities directly impacting more than 140 million people. As a follow up to the assessment, we are in the process of supporting cities in implementing climate actions and showcase their impacts. To do so, Climate Centre for Cities has developed training modules for each indicator of the CSCAF 2.0. We are further facilitating MasterClass, Chat4Change Webinar series, Future cities Podcasts, City in focus Blogs and weekly Newsletters to create awareness and communicate best practices. To successfully mainstream these issues, we are currently being supported by more than 50 climate alliance partners who are investing to implement actions within the cities. One of the key findings from our previous interactions with the cities is their difficulty in identifying the right professionals and practitioners who can provide strategic/technical/onground support to these initiatives. In order to facilitate the same, we are launching Climate Practitioners India Network (CPIN) platform and all the registered members on this network will be called Climate Mitra (मित्र).

Climate Mitra (मित्र)

As a step forward, C-Cube wants to create a platform for Climate Practitioners across all cities in India to collaborate and contribute towards implementing Climate Actions. Therefore, we are developing the Climate Practitioners India Network (CPIN). This network will facilitate online and offline collaborations for professionals and practitioners to work with cities, states, and national level institutions.

Climate Professionals India Network

Climate Practitioners India Network (CPIN) is first-of-its-kind network developed by C-Cube to support Cities and Practitioners across India. C-Cube currently has 50+ organisations/institutions as its Alliance Partner to strengthen the urban ecosystem with respect to Climate Change. We believe that the Climate Mitra in alignment with respective institutional strategy will support the cities to develop resilient and sustainable actions.

As we develop CPIN, C-Cube will look forward to interacting and showcasing’ Climate Mitra’s work through blogs/workshops/consultations/webinars around various indicators and thematic areas of CSCAF 2.0. Apart from the online engagement with the C-Cube, Climate Mitra will also get updated about the projects and requisite consultations required by cities and alliance partners in their respective cities. Based on the project’s requirements, Climate Mitra might be able to bid or volunteer to work on specific activities.

How can a Climate Mitra support cities on grounding climate actions?

The Climate Mitra can help cities or alliance partner by providing following services:

1. Documentation and Reporting

2. Technical Assistance

3. Data Analysis

4. Training and Capacity building

5. Solutions Provider

Based on the project’s requirements, Climate Mitra might be able to bid or volunteer to work on them. These projects might be posted by cities or alliance partners.

Who can be a Climate Mitra (मित्र)?

Climate Mitra should be an Indian Citizen and above the age of 18 years. As a Climate Mitra, you can be any of the following:

1. College Students

2. Working Professionals

3. Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

4. Academic Researchers

5. Concerned Citizens

How much time will a Climate Mitra (मित्र) provide to grounding climate actions?

Based on the project requirement of cities or alliance partners, the time commitment can vary. Apart from projects, the activities conducted by C-Cube for Climate Mitra are not mandatory. They can choose to attend as per their availability.

Anything that a Climate Mitra (मित्र) need to keep in mind during Registration?

Once you fill the sign-up form as a Climate Mitra and your application is approved, you will receive a mail to login. You will additionally have to fill up details post login our portal. The login details will be deleted, if you have not filled all the details in 7 days from login approval.

In the registration form we have asked about the volunteering time that a Climate Mitra can provide to the city per month as well as in which fields they can provide the same. This is for mapping different skill sets available in the city. If required, these Climate Mitras can be contacted by cities if any support is required on ground.

Additionally, CPIN is a professional network for individuals. So please register accordingly and not as an organization.

We will request you to share it in your network, who would be interested to be a Climate Mitra.

Register now

Once you register as a Climate Mitra, you accept that your contact information might be shared with the city administration and alliance partners.

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