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India’s ongoing and projected urbanisation is unprecedented. Indian cities are currently addressing the urbanisation challenges of providing housing, drinking water and sanitation, efficient waste management, strengthening mobility and communication networks etc. This is key for enabling the sustained economic growth of cities and achieving improved quality of lives. However, cities are also increasingly experiencing various climate disasters. The frequency and intensity of floods, cyclones and heat waves are increasing and cities are at the forefront of addressing these climate risks. Besides, cities also contribute significantly towards GHG emissions that exacerbate climate change.

While India is at the crossroad of urban transformation, cities have a unique opportunity to adopt sustainable and resilient development. With an intent to build local capacities for building climate resilient and forward looking cities, the Climate Centre for Cities in association with several ClimateSmart Alliance partners has initiated various actions to help build conceptual, technical, administrative and innovation capacities across the Urban Local Bodies. 

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