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Climate Practitioners India Network

Climate Practitioners India Network (CPIN) was launched in July 2021. Since its inception the network has had multiple meetings with its members on various topics to discuss how can it be grown, what type of activities it should do, what kind of engagement will the practitioners like to have and how can it be developed as member’s led network. To give the process the structure and institutionalize the same, the network collaboratively developed its Vision Paper. This document will guide the network through its initial years to help it grow as well as provide it members with to engage across multiple activities according to their interest.

CPIN Vision

India has pledged to develop itself as a net-zero nation by 2070 during COP26. It further developed a set of targets for 2030 to increase its energy efficiency and percentage of renewable energy penetration to move closer towards the 2070 target. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also promoted a mass movement of Environmental Conscious Lifestyle and emphasized Mindful and Deliberate Utilization, instead of Mindless and Destructive Consumption.

The Climate Centre for Cities (C-Cube) supports cities in taking up sustainable and resilient urban development by facilitating the uptake of the ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework. While institutionalizing the building of the city's climate actions, it believes that the citizens are an essential asset in facilitating the same. To bring them to the forefront of the implementation, it is developing a Climate Practitioners India Network (CPIN). The network will work on developing an engagement platform to connect and collaborate on developing various climate actions on the ground.

Vision: Citizens’ platform for collective actions to mitigate and adapt to the effects of Climate Change

Objective: Developing a solutions-oriented citizen engagement platform for practitioners across India on Climate Change.

Who is a Practitioner?

Practitioner is an individual who has/is/will worked/working/work in the field of Climate Change in their personal or professional life and is above 18 years of age. They can be concerned citizens, entrepreneurs, working professionals, students, or academicians.

The CPIN will work towards becoming a members’ led network and try to facilitate as much diversity as possible to include different thought perspectives while developing climate actions. The following tasks are envisioned in its first year of operation to move towards the above-mentioned vision and objective:

  1. Develop year-round engagement activities to connect members and facilitate knowledge transfer between members.

  2. Highlight work of various members and develop other use cases for practitioners to join the network.

  3. Support development of an engagement platform for fostering collaboration amongst the members and city initiatives.

  4. Work towards developing regional and city levels connects to facilitate better grounding of climate actions.

  5. Support in documenting and upscaling best practices and processes taken up by the citizens as well as cities to ground climate actions and support it in replication across other cities.

  6. Develop sub-groups on various thematic topics under the Climate Change umbrella for members to engage more productively based on their interests.

  7. Contribute to the discussions and processes to enable CPIN to become a members’ led network.

Potential Areas of Engagement for the Network*

Circular Economy | Renewable Energy | Urban Heat Island | Green cover | Biodiversity | Disaster Resilience | Nature Based Solutions | Green Buildings | Waste Management | Waste-Water Management | Energy Efficiency | Resource Efficiency | Cleaner Production | ESG | Sustainable Production | Energy-Food-Water Nexus | Climate Action Plan | Construction & Demolition Waste | Solid Waste Management | Industrial Waste | Rain Water Harvesting | Water Body Rejuvenation | Composting | Urban Agriculture | District Cooling | Cool Roofs | Walkability | Public Transport | Non-Motorized Transport | Ocean Acidification | Sand Erosion | River/Lake/Beach Cleaning | Air Pollution | Clean Technology Vehicles | Energy Storage | Sustainable Development Goals

*These are suggested areas of engagement and new areas can be included with time as per the interest of the network.

Become a member!

C-Cube will keep the CPIN Members informed of its activities and will also facilitate volunteer programs to help in fostering a members’ led network. As the network grows and evolves, it can work towards expanding its mandate based on the needs of cities and its citizens.

Let’s collectively develop actions against climate change!

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CPIN Volunteers Announcement

Climate Practitioners India Network is excited to launch the CPIN Volunteers Program! This program is designed for CPIN members to take a lead and help in conducting various tasks, activities, action plans and events that are planned to be held throughout the year. The volunteers will be placed in the roles of Community Engagement, Network & Outreach, Events and Initiatives , Graphics and Social Media, and Research and Learnings, and they will be working together actively with the CPIN community to develop a robust network and enable knowledge sharing.

Join us to welcome our CPIN volunteers on board!

Meet Shah

Pragya Bohra

Sajal Jain

Soomrit Chattopadhyay

Sakshi Jindal

Sanjeevani Awasthi

Aakanksha Chourasia

Siddhi Mehta

Vishwajeet Poojary

Sukanya Manik Khese

Climate Change Awareness Champion

As a part of the Climate Change Awareness Campaign developed by the Climate Centre for Cities for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs as a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, CPIN members participated in the same and helped us in increasing our outreach. They cross posted our work on their social media, showcased their work on social media platforms, helped city officials reach out to the educational institutes and developed their own campaigns to increase awareness about climate change. For their efforts, we would like to highlight following CPIN Members as Climate Change Awareness Champions.

Sakshi Jindal
New Delhi

Thurram Vijay Kumar

Er. Abdul Rashid Bhat

Meet Shah

Priyanka Panjwani

Dr Ketna Atul Matkar

Nikita Rajput

Neha Chugh
New Delhi

Deepa Gupta
New Delhi

Survey on citizen and community-led climate initiatives

Climate Practitioners India Network is currently mapping citizen and community led climate initiatives across India. The intent of the survey is to develop a repository of climate actions that can be led by citizens and community and promote the uptake of the same across India cities.

To know more about the survey and FAQ, click here.

The survey will take 5-10 min to fill up and you can fill the survey to share about your initiative or recommend an initiative you know of. Last date to fill the Survey is 5 th December 2022.

Fill The Survey Here

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