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’Training’ aligned to CounterMEASURE II

Training in Waste Management

Aligned to CounterMEASURE II

In association with UNEP under the CounterMEASURE II project, C-Cube developed and delivered 4 training modules focused on sharing and disseminating the knowledge generated under the CounterMEASURE project. The intent is to help build institutional and technical capacities in the urban local bodies to strengthen the existing knowledge of city officials, engineers, and other relevant officers working in the waste management sector. Building on the phase 1 of the CounterMEASURE project which focused on identification of sources and pathways of major plastic leakage in India and along the Mekong River, the second project phase, “Promotion of action against marine plastic litter in Asia and the Pacific (CounterMEASURE II) initiated in May 2020 aims to generate, share and disseminate scientific knowledge on plastic pollution in the Ganges, Mekong and selected rivers in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, to inform policy and decision-making processes at local, national, regional and global level.

Module 1: Plastic Waste Management

Developed by the National Productivity Council, the module focuses on the methodology to conduct plastic leakage assessment and how to prioritize interventions to address plastic leakage in the environment.

 Download training manual

Module 2: Waste Minimization Initiatives

Developed by CHINTAN, the module focuses on how to reduce the plastic waste generation in a city and how to protect water bodies from plastic waste pollution

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Module 3: Scientific Landfill Operations

Developed by C-Cube, this module focuses on types of landfills relevant for cities based on waste generation and ways to enhance scientific operations and management to mitigate GHG emissions.

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Module 4: Scientific Landfill Remediation

Developed by C-Cube, the module focuses on the step-by-step process to bioremediate landfills.

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