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Partner with CDG

We intend to foster partnerships across the ecosystem to enable the adoption of e-governance services in every state and city; and every ULB in India. For this, we will work with experts, practitioners and organisations across the spectrum of government bodies, industry agencies, start ups and agencies to deliver the best-in-class solutions for digital governance.

Domain Working Groups:

The Domain Working Groups are responsible for the creation of the standards, and serve as advisors on various aspects of urban governance and development.



The Centre will work with industry associations to incorporate the voice of the industry, to enhance the participation of market players in open innovation and provide a platform for companies to interact with governance systems at every level.


Systems Integrators and Solution Providers:

The Centre invites partnerships with private sectors through a process of empanelment and direct partnerships to provide solutions.


City Data

At the local government level, the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs envisages city data alliances with participation from various ecosystem actors, who can leverage the data made available by the ULB as well as other entities to innovate and co-create locally relevant solutions.


Startups and

The Centre will work with startups and entrepreneurs to provide innovative and locally-relevant solutions.


Urban Sector Specialists and Technical Partners:

The Centre will work with urban sector experts and technical partners at every step of planning and implementing its various programs – whether through domain working groups, state advisory forums, or other participatory methods.


Capacity Building Partners

The Centre will work with capacity building experts and agencies to create simple and effective content under various programs.


Academics and

The Centre will look to the leading academic institutions of the nation to provide innovations and research to understand the urban ecosystem.