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Urban Platform for deliverY of Online Governance


To leverage the digital opportunities for sustained improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of delivery of municipal service to citizens. The UPYOG program will assist the municipal bodies across India to improve service delivery mechanism, achieve better information management & transparency and ensure utmost citizen’s involvement in participative governance.

Single Window

Provide “Single Window” services to citizens on anytime - anywhere basis


Efficiency & Productivity

Increase the efficiency and productivity of ULBs


ULB Information System

Develop a single and integrated view of ULB information system across the state


Timely & Reliable Information

Provide timely & reliable management information relating to municipal administration for effective decision making


Standards-based Approach

Adopt a standards-based approach to enable integration with other related applications


How UPYOG Works

UPYOG is the national reference platform created for the delivery of municipal services online, which utilises the National Urban Innovation Stack principles. The program will use the following framework to reach its goals:

  • An open digital platform together with 9 reference modules
  • Standards for platforms, software, and data reporting related to municipal services delivery
  • A panel of service providers, who have been vetted and approved to work with states on implementing the platform, together with indicative rates for their services.
  • Program Implementation Guidelines on various elements of program design, to enable adoption of the platform and applications

In addition to reusable and extendable components, it will also provide central telemetry, data exchange, and analytics capabilities. In order to expedite adoption of Governance Platform by states/ULBs, the platform will be created with a minimal set of reference solutions for the priority services identified by the anchor institution.

Reference Modules


Property Tax Assessment & Payment


Trade License Issuance & Payment


No Objection Certificate Issuance


Building Plan Approval


Water & Sewerage Connection Management


Public Grievance Redressal


Birth & Death Registration


Municipal Accounting & Finance


Miscellaneous Collections

Modes of Adoption

UPYOG can be adopted through various models

Greenfield States

No existing e-governance system

SaaS Mode to get states started

Low adoption cost, time to go-live

Adaptation as per needs & maturity

Brownfield States

Few discrete systems

Integrate with existing systems

No need to abandon existing systems

Mature States

Sophisticated systems

Standards-based integration for reporting

Data for governance and collaboration

No need to move from operational systems

Create State Instance

  • CDG will maintain a central instance of UPYOG on a cloud server
  • States/ULBs can implement this centrally-hosted instance, focusing mainly on configuring the platform and solutions as per their needs.
  • States/ULBs can use the empanelled Implementation Partners and Model RFP for speedy procurement needed to configure and implement UPYOG
  • This option has the advantage of being relatively quicker and lower in cost to implement
  • This option is suitable for “greenfield” states - those where a majority of ULBs do not have much e-governance infrastructure in place.
  • Only the States/ ULBs will have access to their data on the central instance

Integrate existing Platforms and Solutions through Compliance with Standards/through Standards-Compliant APIs

  • As UPYOG is a free and open-source software, States/ULBs can create their own instance, hosting it on a cloud server of their choice
  • States/ULBs that choose this option will need to procure the needed cloud infrastructure, and can work with technology partners on configuring, customising, and extending the platform and solutions as per their needs
  • This option is suitable for “brownfield” states/ULBs, who have some experience with e-governance systems, and would like to set up a new state-wide system/ ULB level system for urban
  • e-governance
  • It can also be considered by “greenfield” states/ULBs that are willing to invest the resources and time associated with setting up a new instance of the platform

Partial Adoption or Integration

  • NIUA will publish standards for urban e-governance systems, including on data reporting and Open APIs
  • States/ULBs that prefer to continue using their existing systems can do so while ensuring they continue to report data digitally through compliance with these standards.
  • This option has been designed keeping in mind the needs of “mature” States/ULBs, where there are already existing state-wide urban e-governance systems in use

Institutional Framework

The Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs is the nodal ministry sponsoring the UPYOG program under the National Urban Digital Mission (NUDM). The National Institute of Urban Affairs will serve as the anchor institution for NUDM. An apex committee will be formed with representation from MoHUA to provide strategic oversight for the program's implementation.

The program will be steered in each State/UT through an institutional mechanism called State Program Directorate. These Directorates will be supported, in turn, by the Program Monitoring Unit.

The program at the ULB level will be managed by a dedicated program cell, comprising at least two members, headed by the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation.

Our Partners


Work With Us

Indian states and cities can participate in this transformative program by adopting e-governance platforms in any one of the three options above. If you represent a university or research team, industry body, private sector agency or start-ups, please visit the Partnerships page to see how you can work with NIUA-CDG to deliver innovations across the nation.

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