Centre for Municipal Finance & Governance



Centre Municipal Finance Governance

NIUA promotes the strengthening of local governments by focusing on municipal finance and governance reform to help build urban administration structures that can effectively plan and manage their affairs, and raise funding based on specific requirements. This is a key step in ensuring Indian cities are able to thrive on their own, without being overly reliant on central or state funding.... The objective of Centre for Municipal Finance and Governance is to become a custodian of the National Urban Financial Information dynamic and work towards financially empowering Urban Local Bodies so that they can become inclusive, integrated, resilient, sustainable and self- reliant institutions adopting a multi- disciplinary and multi-sectoral perspective. Thus, CMFG will be committed towards professional enhancement and competence development for urban finance management, rendering support to ULBs, MoHUA and Government Departments in partnership with institutes of eminence and through continued learning, advancement and training. The CMFG will strengthen MoHUA’s capacity to provide technical support to states and ULBs.Read more

The proposed Centre will serve the following functions:

  • Serve as a repository of (and hub for) municipal budgets and accounts and annual reports including studies on municipal finance and governance
  • Assist the MOHUA, State governments, SFCs, and Central Finance Commissions on matters relating to municipal finance and governance
  • Undertake regular research on municipal finance and governance
  • Develop principles of devolution of fiscal powers and resources
  • Develop toolkits and standardized materials on key aspects of municipal finance and governance
  • Organize policy level events on subjects relating to municipal finance and governance, engaging academics, practitioners, executive and elected members of ULBs
  • Provide demand based technical assistance to states and ULBs on contemporary issues related to municipal finance and governance