Our Approach

NIUA has evolved into a vital think-tank, working on ways and mechanisms to address the urban challenges India faces. In order to thrive and build the foundation for transforming the urban landscape of IndiaNIUA is followsthe fundamentals of 5 T Approach, comprising Tools, Templates, Technology, Training and Capacity Development, and Transfer of knowledge. This approach helps strengthen the operations and move towards an equitable, inclusive and sustainable future

What is the 5 T Approach?

The 5 T approach helps each of the six Centres of NIUA to streamline their respective processes. The approach broadly comprises the following:

  • Tools- Utilization of appropriate instruments to achieve optimum mileage
  • Templates- For standardisation of the urban development work
  • Technology- Adopting emerging technologies to augment urban development agenda.
  • Training & Capacity Development- Strengthening the skills of all stakeholders in the urban value chain including the ULB and state authority officials to deliver best output towards urban governance and service delivery.
  • Transfer of Knowledge- Dissemination of our knowledge resources to all relevant stakeholders and those looking for development solutions.