Why we collaborate?

Through the mantra of 'Collaboration' NIUA has emerged as a thought leader and knowledge centre on urbanism in India. To scale up sustainable interventions in cities, Partnerships are essential for bringing together diverse talents, strengths, and resources.They are the most efficient way to develop sustainable, inclusive, and productive urban ecosystems throughout the nation.

The National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) provides a forum for collaborative initiatives to mainstream climate resilience, social inclusivity, youth and city palnning in India's urban discourse and for the discussion and interchange of information on vital aspects of sustainable management.

How our collaboration adds value?

Partnerships enable us to contribute to the urban planning and development industry. It aids us in establishing academic and institutional cooperation and creating synergies to achieve larger shared goals. We mobilise urban development in every sector of society, from world leaders to international organisations, national organisations, NGOs, and foundations,in order to meet the challenges of the future and thrive through sustainable and inclusive development.

We collaborate with a number of national and international partners to facilitate peer learning through the dissemination of ideas in order to strengthen our urban initiatives. Their knowledge and assistance are essential to conveying the results of our work to our stakeholders.

City Climate Alliance

River City Alliance

Hilly Forum

Gender Forum