Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Workshop: Developing GHG Emissions Inventory, Disaster Resilience Plans and Climate Actions

Description :

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Workshop for cities. More specifically, the workshop/event is aimed at achieving the following objectives: - Involvement of up to 20 Indian cities in the workshop (GCoM and potential signatories) - Overview of the tools available for cities in developing energy and climate change plans. - Demonstrate methodology to calculate GHG emissions inventory and climate risks vulnerability assessment through a hands-on training from the Joint Research Centre of the European Union. - Showcase cities and experts’ experiences from the European Union and Asian region. - Promote the role of the GCoM Asia project and EU frontrunner role for supporting cities towards concrete action on climate change mitigation and adaptation. - Facilitate urban network for climate and development cooperation within India, to promote bilateral climate cooperation between India and the EU