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27 May 2020 04:00 pm Event Type : Webinar

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The adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT) within the healthcare sector led to the concept of electronic health (e-health), which is contributing to reduced costs and increased efficiency in healthcare service delivery across the globe. The new era of mobile health has brought opportunities for governments and companies to rethink their concept of healthcare. In addition, the formidable challenge of urbanisation attracts attention toward cities that are expected to provide citizens with services in an efficient and humane manner. Globally, advancements in ICT are being leveraged by the healthcare sector to create m-health, and by local and regional governments to foster the deployment of smart cities. All in all, ICT it is being considered a revolution in smart city development. However, there is also a philosophical change to smart healthcare too, with initiatives designed to encourage a broader view of health and wellbeing in citizens. In this context it is important to realise a healthy city involves more than good healthcare delivery. Studies have shown that a population’s health is significantly shaped by the liveability standards of the city, which include how we live and work in the urban environments. The invited experts will discuss new concepts of creating healthy cities and discuss its relevance, impact, and feasibility in practice. The key question is —what steps can be taken by city governments to foster an urban development paradigm that promotes healthy behaviours and all-round health and wellbeing.