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Webinar: Climate Action and Energy Policy in the Post Pandemic World

23 Jul 2020 06:00 pm Event Type : Webinar

Description :

Globally, the action on climate change has taken a back seat during the still-unfolding COVID-19 pandemic. Resource consumption and energy use patterns and intensities have been altered, which has also brought to light some stark realities. Even though people have been using personal vehicles less, global emissions have been reduced by only 6–8%, since freight transport and electricity production accounted for the rest. Urban decision-makers have the historic opportunity to learn from this experience, as they reopen and stimulate the economy toward a recovery. For a sustainable and socially just future, strong climate action and zero-carbon energy policy will have to be at the center of their planning and implementation of policies, strategies and projects in the post-pandemic world. A locally optimal combination of advanced technologies integration, energy efficiency, renewable energy, efficient storage, zero-carbon mobility, materials circularity, district energy systems and smart grid technology all have huge potential to catalyze the economy by providing jobs and establishing low resource consumption for inclusive, safe and resilient communities. Join the LEED for Cities and Communities team for an Urban Thinkers Campus event, under the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign. Moderator: Vatsal Bhatt, Ph.D., Vice President–Communities, USGBC Panelists: Lin-Yi Tsai, Ph.D., Director General, Department of Environmental Sanitation and Toxic Substance Management, Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency Grace Rink, Director, Denver Mayor’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, Resiliency Carsten Rothballer, Coordinator, Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience, ICLEI Wei Ming Huang, Deputy Director General, Department of Environmental Management, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. (Taiwan) Partner Institutions: Policy Institution/ Think Tank National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi, India Planning School / University Sushant School of Planning and Development, Gurgaon, India Professional Organisation/Network US Green Building Council, New York, USA European Urban Knowledge Network Regional Studies Association Industry Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chennai, India Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mumbai, India