Priya Upadhyay

Sr. Project Associate

I am, an experienced Urban Development Manager dedicated to creating sustainable and livable cities. With a Bachelor's degree in Planning and a Master's degree in Urban Development and Management, I possess a strong academic background in the field. Currently serving as a Senior Program Associate - Standards at the National Institute of Urban Affairs, I lead a range of research and development initiatives focused on urban standards and frameworks. In my role, I conduct analytical research, prepare standards and frameworks, evaluate urban policies and initiatives, and collaborate with stakeholders to implement best practices in urban development. I am deeply committed to utilizing my expertise to develop innovative solutions that foster equitable and sustainable urban environments. With over 6 years of experience in urban planning and development, I have honed my skills in stakeholder management, project management, and strategic planning. I excel at building strong relationships with diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and community groups, fostering collaboration and effective communication. I was previously associated with the India Smart Cities Fellowship under the Smart Cities Mission, United Nations Global Compact Network India, Fleet Florum India and New Delhi Municipal Council in various capacities. My areas of expertise encompass Sustainable Development Goals, Urban Governance, Road Safety, Health, Digital Governance, and Municipal Service Delivery. Additionally, I am skilled in GIS operations, LiDAR operations, Microsoft Office, Canva, and Google Earth. I am passionate about creating inclusive and sustainable cities for all.

M.Tech Urban Development and Management (TERI SAS) --2019