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Master Plan for Delhi 2041 as an Enabling Strategic Plan

CLIENT/FUNDER: Delhi Development Authority

DURATION: 5 years




PROJECT LEAD:  Nilesh Prakash Rajadhyaksha Kanak Tiwari

Delhi is slated to become the world’s largest urban system within the coming decade. The city faces numerous challenges like environmental degradation, untapped land potential, unsustainable mobility, housing shortages, unplanned development, unsafe built fabric in need of regeneration, pollution, unequal access to civic services, etc. Master Plan for Delhi (MPD) is a key instrument that can address these issues and shape future development of the city. Given its complexity and importance, any ‘transformative strategies’ adopted in the next MPD can be a blueprint for Indian cities and for urbanism across the Global South. With this in view, NIUA has collaborated with DDA to develop MPD 2041 as an ‘enabling and strategic’ framework capable of (i) ‘redefining’ growth trajectories and priorities, (ii) ‘rethinking’ the regulatory planning approach adopted earlier, and (iii) ‘reinventing’ Delhi as a sustainable, liveable and vibrant city. The Draft Plan has been prepared through a rigorous process of baselining, stakeholder engagement, expert consultations and studies. It propounds a 6-point transformative agenda for environmental sustainability, economic development, enhancing heritage and public life, improving housing and social infrastructure, low carbon mobility and resilient infrastructure. Policies of the plan cover both greenfield development and regeneration of existing areas in the city.

Nilesh Prakash Rajadhyaksha Programme Director - Urban Strategy Unit and Head U20 Technical Secretariat

Kanak Tiwari Programme Director - Urban Strategy Unit and Head U20 Technical Secretariat

Victor Rana Shinde Head-Climate Centre for Cities (C-Cube)

Sarika Chakravarty Team Lead - UrbanShift Country Project

Ruchi Gupta Team Lead - Urban Strategy Unit, NIUA

Lovlesh Sharma Sr. Water & Infrastructure specialist

Raman Kumar Singh Sr. Urban Development Specialist

Pawan Sharma Project Coordinator - UrbanShift Country Project

Shafeeq Ahmed Manager Information & Technology

Ishleen Kaur Sr.Research Associate

20 Aug 2020 03:00 pm
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24 Jul 2020 07:30 pm
Webinar: NIUA-UDF dialogue on 'Citylife after Coronavirus'

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