Project Details

Promotion of Action Against Marine Plastic Litter in Asia and the Pacific (CounterMEASURE II)

CLIENT/FUNDER: United Nations Environmental Program

DURATION: 1 years





Since the last few decades, scientific landfill management has been implemented around the world to address site-specific issues and to enable the construction of bigger landfill sectors in the same region. In India, landfills pose numerous threats due to their unscientific design and indiscriminate disposal of waste. With nearly 72% of India’s garbage remaining untreated, scientific landfills operations, availability, and management are the measures for urban India to ensure proper waste disposal. Aligning to Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), NIUA with support from UNEP under their CounterMEASURE II project, will be developing online training sessions for the city ULB officials to improve knowledge of plastic waste management and to ensure ‘Scientific Landfill Availability and Operations’ and 'Scientific Landfill Remediation'. The training aims to further capacitate them on data collection, handling, and visualization for a better understanding of their status. This training will provide guidance to the ULBs for possible future actions, which can be taken to improve and provide guidance on improving the practice of diverting plastic waste to ensure Scientific Landfill Availability and Operations and Landfill Scientific Remediation in a city. The two indicators under ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF 2.0), ‘Scientific Landfill Availability and Operations’ and 'Landfill Scientific Remediation', assess whether (i) the landfill site of the ULB is scientific/planned in nature or in accordance with SWM 2016 rules and Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016, and (ii) focus on evaluating the city’s readiness to scientifically manage or efforts made to remediate landfills. Aligning to sections 2.7 and 2.8 of Swachh Survekshan 2020, the focus of these indicators is towards capturing the amount of collectable plastic waste, which is going to the landfill and whether the management, operations, and remediation of landfills are according to the guidelines under the SBM.

Vaishnavi Thirumala Gowri Shankar Lead