Project Details

Data Analytics and Management (DAM-U)

CLIENT/FUNDER: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

DURATION: 2 years

STARTING FROM:  01-08-2022



PROJECT LEAD:  Pravin Bhardwaj

DAMU was set up in MoHUA for providing support to the various data initiatives undertaken by SCM. DAMU is responsible for developing data-driven governance strategies, implementing assessment frameworks, designing and operationalising platforms for data management and sharing, capacity building of cities, enhancing data analytics capabilities, scaling open innovation, and developing data-driven use cases, among others. DAMU has also anchored various challenges like Streets4People, India Cycles4Change, Nurturing Neighborhoods, EatSmart Cities, and Placemaking Marathon. DAMU’s aim is to use data and technology to improve governance in India’s 100 Smart Cities and beyond. It facilitates integration and convergence of the Ministry’s efforts emcompassing performance management, evidence-based policy formulation, community empowerment, and promotion of multi-disciplinary research, cocreation and open innovation.

Pravin Bhardwaj Expert-Solid & Liquid Waste Management