Project Details

UrbanShift: Livable Cities in India (UNEP)

CLIENT/FUNDER: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

DURATION: 4 years



PROJECT LOCATION:Pune, Surat, Agra , Puducherry


The UrbanShift Country Project (Livable Cities in India) is being jointly implemented by the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This GEF 7-funded project aims to transform Indian cities through integrated urban planning which would lead to reducing GHG emissions, air pollution and congestion, protecting and conserving ecologically sensitive areas by building capacity of state and city authorities. The objective of project is to demonstrate low emissions, resilient, nature-based inclusive sustainable urban development in selected cities and support scale-up nationally. During the 4-year project tenure, the project would provide technical assistance and investment for undertaking the following activities in the target cities (Pune and Surat) and the replication cities (Agra and Puducherry): • Evidence-based sustainable and integrated planning • Investments in low emissions, resilient, nature-based solutions and mobility • Innovative financing solutions for cities • Knowledge management and capacity development: Knowledge products, good practices and tools would be made available to national, state and city authorities as well as other stakeholders through the National Urban Learning Platform (NULP). To maximise impact, the NULP will draw on the materials of the UrbanShift global project, providing the stakeholders with opportunities to learn from experiences both nationally and internationally. The project will also focus on enabling gender mainstreaming practices and processes through inclusion of gender expertise, stakeholder consultations with women, adoption of gender responsive planning and budgeting processes and mandatory gender assessment of all urban development projects.


Pawan Sharma Project Coordinator - UrbanShift Country Project

Varsha Singh Specialist - Knowledge Management and Communications

Shinjini Saha Project Officer

Manas Kulkarni City Project Coordinator

Ashish Sakat City Project Coordinator