Project Details

Centre for Municipal Finance

CLIENT/FUNDER: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

DURATION: 3 years




PROJECT LEAD:  Sandeep Thakur

The 14FC Cell finalized and implemented the Compliance Verification Mechanism in consultation with MoF and MoHUA. The Support Cell ensured the compliance of terms and conditions based on which both Basic and Performance Grants were recommended for release of Grants and provided a State-wise list of ULBs that qualified for receiving grants.

  1. Prepared Performance Grant Scheme (2017-18 to 2019-20)
  2. Prepared a Tool Kit for the States and ULBs w.r.t Performance Grant Scheme
  3. Handholding of the States and ULBs towards understanding the New Scheme and Tool Kit for filing the Performance grant claims.
  4. Database of audited finances of more than 2000 ULBs of 29 States for the period of 2014-15 to 2017-18 and unaudited account statements of 2018-19
  5. Two National Level and two State level Workshops
  6. Annual Report I and Best Practices Document I
  7. Annual Report II and Best Practices Document II
  8. Evaluation of eligible ULBs based on PG Scheme scoring criteria as well as verification of supporting documents such as audited statements, service level benchmarks notifications.
  9. Provided recommendations for the release of Basic and Performance Grant for 2015-2020


Sandeep Thakur Associate Professor