Project Details

Capacity Building for Smart Data and Inclusive Cities (SDIC)

CLIENT/FUNDER: Dr. Jaideep Gupte, IDS, University of Sussex, UK

DURATION: 3 years


“Capacity Building for Smart Data and Inclusive Cities” (SDIC) project is built around a three-year collaboration between National Institute of Urban Affairs (India), Institute of Development Studies, Sussex (UK) and the Indian cities of Bhopal, Jabalpur, Faridabad and Kochi. By strengthening capacities of municipal authorities and civil society, the project aims to improve technical and institutional capacities to ensure the adoption of inclusive and resilient strategies in planning and management of selected smart cities. The three pillars of the proposed intervention are strengthening institutional capacities, enhancing accountability, and improving the quality of service provision. By focusing on integrating urban big data system with local data systems, project aims: 1. To strengthen leadership within urban local authorities, specifically in the process of creating smart cities through the Indian Smart Cities Mission. 2. To Strengthen institutional capacities of authorities to collect, manage, and make sense of the flood of available data, and then effectively turn those insights into inclusive evidence-based policy 3. To create techno-institutional platforms and processes 4. To innovate and adopt open approaches to knowledge sharing 5. To design and pilot city specific big data road maps using innovative technologies Outcome: 1. Effective and enduring network within cities (local authorities and civil society) and across cities. 2.Strengthened technical data systems and data platform that integrates local data and urban big data. 3.Strengthened institutional structures for ensuring meaningful inclusion of the perspectives, insights, and data of the poor and marginalized into the life of Smart Cities.

Debjani Ghosh Associate Professor

Sarath Babu M G Lead, Climate Centre for Cities

Md Asif Raza Program Officer

Priyanka Mehra Lead (City Outreach & Support)