Project Details


CLIENT/FUNDER: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

DURATION: 7 years





Smartnet is an initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to support the development of cities across India by creating a resource-rich ecosystem of learning, sharing, knowledge dissemination and solutions exchange for city managers and primary stakeholders in the urban transformation of India. Smartnet encourages Government to Government (G-to-G) and Government to Business (G-to-B) and Business to Government (B-to-G) linkages for the urban sector in India enabling transparent and structured interactions between cities, businesses and institutions. Over the years, Smartnet has supported in: • Providing a horizontal learning and knowledge sharing platform for exchange between cities, practitioners, academia, researchers and technologists • Evolving a comprehensive framework to visualise and articulate the government's urban sector missions. Through its features, SmartNet provides cities and key stakeholders in the urban forum an opportunity to share their training programmes, key events, knowledge products and tender documents. It also supports private sector stakeholders by providing a platform for the industries to showcase their ideas and innovations developed for cities. At City level, city-wise web enabled GIS application for geotagging of projects is also facilitated through this project. The platform also shares weekly updates with its users showcasing various events activities happening under the Smart Cities Mission. Smartnet positioning within urban ecosystem in India has been evolving since its launch in 2016. Currently, it also plays the role of digital gateway for all MoHUA and NIUA's initiatives.

Abhijeet Mishra Sr Web Developer