Project Details

Knowledge Partner of CapaCITIES (Capacity Building for Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Development in Cities)

CLIENT/FUNDER: Swiss Development Corporation (SDC)

DURATION: 2 years



PROJECT LOCATION:Udaipur, Coimbatore, Siliguri, Rajkot


The CapaCITIES project endeavours to understand the climate change implications, strengthening capacities of the city authorities, formulating the climate action plans and strategies across priority sectors to lower greenhouse gas emissions, and build resilience in selected four partner cities (Coimbatore, Rajkot, Siliguri and Udaipur). The project is funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) under its Global Programme on Climate Change. A consortium consisting ICLEI South Asia, South Pole Carbon Management Ltd and e-concept AG are implementing partners for the project whereas Municipal Corporation and City Level Authorities of partner cities are public sector partners. NIUA is the Knowledge Aggregator and Disseminator for the project. It will facilitate its role through city, national and international level dialogues. NIUA’s role is to capture the knowledge raised through the implementation work and secondary research; by conducting city, national and international level dialogues; and publishing thematic issue briefs and relevant policy papers. NIUA will develop a deeper understanding of identified issues and implementable solutions to those issues, in each partner cities, and also extrapolate patterns for replication / adaptation in other cities.