Project Details

Journal: Urban India

CLIENT/FUNDER: In-house publication

DURATION: 44 years

STARTING FROM:  01-06-1981



PROJECT LEAD:  Debolina Kundu

Urban India is a peer-reviewed, bi-annual journal, published regularly by National Institute of Urban Affairs since 1981. Since inception, the journal has been publishing meaningful urban research and facilitating informed debates on India’s urban sector. The journal tries to bring forth to the readers new concepts, theories, policies, debates and methodological approaches related to urbanization, urban development, governance, housing and infrastructure, inclusion, municipal finance, climate change, transport and other related issues in India. In addition to research articles, Urban India also publishes book reviews and workshop proceedings. The journal is listed in UGC-CARE List Group D.

Debolina Kundu Professor

Satpal Singh Research Officer

Pragya Sharma Project Manager