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19 Oct 2020 04:00 pm Event Type : Webinar

Description :

Prototyping and gathering user feedback are common design strategies which are increasingly being applied in public projects as well. As design thinking is gradually being adopted as an integral aspect of governance, quick pilot projects have proven effective strategies to arrive at what might work and what might not. However, anticipating failures and embracing mistakes is not an easy task where public funds are concerned, and pilots are still a relatively new approach to large scale projects. How can urban design projects benefit from designing pilots and what have been the experiences of sectoral experts, is what the webinar aims to discuss. From tactical urbanism for testing public response to interventions in public spaces to prototypes of essential products and services, the discussion hopes to cover a broad wide array of pilot projects at different scales and spread over different durations. What have been various lessons from different pilot projects to scale up solutions, what were the surprises, what were the half formed ideas that never took off, what role do data and documentation play in iterative design processes, are some of the topics of discussion.