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National Urban Learning Platform (NULP)

CLIENT/FUNDER: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

DURATION: 6 years

STARTING FROM:  01-11-2020



PROJECT LEAD:  Debjani Ghosh

NULP is in the Scale-up and Sustainability phase, where the vision is to further develop the program into a sustainable and inclusive model to scale it up and replicate in a large number of cities. A Central Program Management Unit (CPMU) has been constituted under NIUA for nationwide rollout of NULP with the support from partners from the quadruple helix ecosystem. The current NULP platform includes three roles of a learner, creator and reviewer and offers functionalities on content creation, content organization and management, course building, user management and organization management.

Debjani Ghosh Associate Professor

Debjani Ghosh Associate Professor

Sreenandini Banerjee Program Manager

Priyanka Mehra Lead (City Outreach & Support)

Shashank Mishra Senior Associate

13 Mar 2023 04:45 pm
The अRban Learnathon 2023 : Cities and states will share solutions to foster collaborative learning

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