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Transformative Climate Action using Participatory data driven decision making platforms (T-CAP)

CLIENT/FUNDER: International Climate Initiative (IKI)

DURATION: 3 years


The project aims to help city managers effectively collaborate with different stakeholders to gather, analyze and share information that can support and implement participatory climate actions. It aims to showcase a science-based participatory planning framework for data- driven decision-making that can inspire cities across the globe. This action research initiative is a collaboration between the Climate Centre for Cities at the National Institute for Urban Affairs (NIUA), the United Nations University. Institute of Environment and Human Security (UNU EHS) in Bonn, Germany and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in New Delhi. The project receives funding from the 'International Climate Initiative (IKI)' under Germany' Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

Objective:The project aims to enhance the capacity of local actors, (including the urban local body) for collaborative and transformative climate actions. The main envisaged outcome of the project is enhancing the capacity of target groups for collaborative data- driven decision-making on climate action in the city of Visakhapatnam, India, which would further provide proof of concept for other Indian cities.

To achieve the objectives, the project will:

1. Contextualize climate knowledge and participation: The intent is to contextualize global climate science and participatory data platforms to the local needs

2. Strengthen capacities: The project aims to engage with target groups, fostering collaboration to ensure the co-creation of a data-driven participatory planning framework that can be efficiently and sustainably utilized. This joint effort is designed to benefit not only the target groups but also to assist other stakeholders in contextualizing the framework for future needs.

3. Establish an Urban Living Lab at SRU: The Urban Living Lab (ULL) approach will be used to establish a proof of concept for the utilization of ICCC/COC to strengthen participatory climate action. ULL “provides a co-innovative setting, in which multiple stakeholders jointly develop and test metropolitan solutions”. The modalities and objectives of the ULL and uses cases to be piloted will be derived from the needs assessment and impact chain analysis carried out with all relevant stakeholders, including the most vulnerable groups.

4. Lighthouse: The intent is to inspire other Indian cities by showcasing and sharing the experiences and learning from Visakhapatnam as a ‘lighthouse’ case and exploring how it can be adapted and scaled in different contexts.

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Sarath Babu M G Lead, Climate Centre for Cities

Punit Gandhi Lead (Projects), Climate Centre for Cities

Deepshikha Sinha Program Associate

Satrupa Roy Program Associate (Knowledge Management)

03 Dec 2019 12:00 am
1st Training Workshop (C&D Waste)
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