Project Details

Innovation Hub for Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions (IHUWASH)


DURATION: 3 years



PROJECT LOCATION:Udaipur, Mysuru, Faridabad

PROJECT LEAD:  Uday Bhonde Utsav Choudhury

National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) implemented the project ‘Innovation Hub for Urban WASH Solutions’ (IHUWASH) by USAID. The project supported the development of scalable solutions for urban water, sanitation and hygiene in India within the national, regional, state and city framework. The hub led activities that supported the national and state/city urban initiatives linked to WASH (AMRUT, SBM, and Smart City Programs) and proactively engaged with a wide range of partners, to discover and develop innovations and devise intervention strategies and business models for delivering effective, affordable and sustainable WASH solutions in the Indian context. The initiative contributed significantly to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Commitments of USAID and GoI contextualizing the WASH sector challenges for urban India. The primary goal of the initiative was to ‘improve urban WASH sector performance through incubation and acceleration of innovative solutions, technologies, programs and service delivery models within a collaborative framework’. The project identifies three objectives emerging from the overall goal, namely: 1) Strengthen urban WASH sector performance through promotion of innovations and outcome oriented capacity and knowledge building initiatives, 2) Improve urban water and sanitation delivery through innovative, scalable, community and market-context solutions and 3) Develop a rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework and apply it within the urban WASH sector to promote total quality management.

Uday Bhonde Sr. Program Specialist (Water & Environment)

Utsav Choudhury Team Leader

Uday Bhonde Sr. Program Specialist (Water & Environment)

Utsav Choudhury Team Leader