Centre for Urbanization and Economic Growth

Understanding urban geographies is key to evaluating how cities come to be where they are, while allowing policymakers to plan for the future of cities across India. Understanding growing urban dynamics of the country and placing cities and towns in a larger geographical context, is something that the NIUA excels in. With technologies like geographical information systems (GIS), it has become easier than ever to employ methods from this discipline to inform decisions related to zoning, urban planning, as well as transit and transportation planning, which can be a key to NIUAs contribution to the growth of urban centres in India.... The linkages of these urban areas and economic activity and wide-ranging effects on spatial growth, availability of employment opportunities and livability in urban ecosystems are areas where NIUA is going to focus under this centre. By studying issues through an economic lens, the NIUA will support urban discourse in a vast variety of fields: reducing ghettoisation, promoting economic growth, effectively creating industrial clusters, creating cost effective public housing, among many other pressing issues.Read more

The proposed Centre will serve the following functions:

  • Diagnostic studies of emerging urban patterns and corridors in India
  • Repository of urban data sets and create data tools for evidence based decision making
  • Provide insights on the linkages between economic growth and urbanisation
  • Create capacities to identify growth strategies at the City land region level
  • Develop the culture of evidence-backed research at various levels
  • Strengthen government-industry-academia collaboration

Debjani Ghosh Associate Professor

Debolina Kundu Professor

Nabamalika Joardar Head - Innovation Unit

Pravin Bhardwaj Expert-Solid & Liquid Waste Management

Sarath Babu M G Lead (Technology, Data Solutions and Innovation)

Md Asif Raza Program Officer

Priyanka Mehra Research Associate

Anna Brittas Research Associate

Swastika Chakravorty Research Associate

Krishna Surjyadas Research Associate

Pragya Sharma Project Manager

Pragya Sharma Project Manager

Amansingh Rajput Program Fellow

Priya Upadhyay Sr. Program Associate (Standards)

Abhisikha Das Program Associate

Amansingh Rajput Program Fellow

Ananta Kukreja Program Fellow

Ankur Negi Program Fellow

Joydip Datta Program Fellow

Juhi Sah Program Associate

Manueldiego Fernandez Program Fellow

Monica Thakur Program Associate

Priya Upadhyay Sr. Program Associate (Standards)

Radha Karmarker Program Fellow

Rohitash Debsharma Associate – Data & Platform

Saivarsha Ajavarapu Program Fellow

Srinidhi Ravishankar Program Associate

Subarna Sadhu Program Fellow

Syed Mohammad Program Fellow

Vaibhav Sharma Program Fellow

Yogada Sandeepjoshi Program Assistant

Anna Brittas Research Associate

Abbas Hnaqvi Program Coordinator

Samridhi Pandey Research Associate(SEDA)

Rohitash Debsharma Associate – Data & Platform

Sreenandini Banerjee Program Manager

Nandini Bhattacharya Program Fellow

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Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs